The Merch Fox

The Merch Fox

Have stuff you want to sell? Have it bunged in your van/trailer/tourbus and need a travelling member of merchandise staff to set up, take stock counts, sell to customers/fans/guests, packdown, and generally organise your shit? Got a space in your mode of transport for an extra team member who’ll travel with you? Contact The Merch Fox.

To be your merch girl extraordinaire. To sell your stuff, to your people, at your prices. The party is at the table. Find my endorsed details on Eventric.

The Merch Fox Overview:
Stock count, display, cash handling, facing, and sale of merchandise in situ. Particular experience with the music industry and travelling bands.
Merchandise fulfilment within the UK.
Mailing list shenanigans.
Display construction and arty farty stuff.

Cool people I’ve sold merch for in the past:
The Joy Formidable (x 3 tours)
I’ve also helped out the sublime Laura J Martin, The Moth and The Flame, and Demob Happy.

Get in touch
Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 555 320.