Arena Merchandising / Stadium merchandising

Design and development of your merch

For large events (arena / stadium shows) we offer full service merchandising; from defining the assortment, designing the items to selling them on site. If desired, we can also sell off any left overs through a dedicated online store.

We approach these projects together with you so we can put together a set of items that fit both your event and its visitors. Our goal is always to make your merchandise available to anyone visiting the event, no matter what budget they have.

We'd love to talk to you.

Before we go into a cooperation we're keen on getting to know you and your goals. We believe synergy between you and us is really important. After all, we share a common aim; happy customers that wear your merch.

Arena Merchandising / Stadium merchandising

For arena merchandising (stadium shows that are set for several dates on the same location) it is very important to put together and assortment that carries a clear message and offers groups of visitors the opportunity to all wear something cool.

Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
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