Metal items

Metal items

Pins and keychains

antique gold finishing
antique gold finishing

Small metal items are usually already available at 500 pcs, and for pins we can even start at 100. Pins are usually packed per piece in a polybag, but we also offer gift boxes, card board blister packs with the pin mounted on them (starting at 2500 pcs), or luxury jewelry boxes.

Keychains start at 500 pcs, just as dog tags and necklaces/hangers. We offer several types of chains, rings and closings.

We can do stamped pins / keychains with enamel color filling, as well as casted items. We provide ceramic (‘hard’) enamel, and synthetic (‘soft’) enamel. Finishings are available in many shades and tints, like antique gold, copper, satin silver and so on.

We also do Black Metal.


Belt Buckles

metal belt buckle
3D belt buckle

Larger metal items like 3D belt buckles start at 500 pcs, reorders are possible from 250 pcs and up. We can do spinner buckles, flask buckles and so on.

Production time for the first order is 10-14 weeks; first we create a drawing of your design, then a clay model / 3D rendering, then a mold, then a first model for approval, and after that we can start the bulk production.

Price for a regular buckle (about 3-4 inch wide) in 3D at 500 pcs ranges from 7-10 euro per piece excluding VAT.

Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
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