Other items

As we work with manufacturers and wholesalers all over the world, we are able to create virtually ANY item. We offer over 35.000 standard (promotional) items like pens, beach balls, mugs, bags, clocks and so on, that are usually available for delivery within 1-3 weeks upon ordering.

Besides those regular items we work with manufacturers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Turkye, Thailand, China and the USA for custom made items.

We'll update this page on a regular basis with items we created before, but as always, if you're looking for something specific, just contact us.

Other items

We have an unlimited assortment.

Belt Buckles & Casted Metal

We can create everything metal; belt buckles (with belt if desired), pendants, keychains etc. Recommended quantities always 250 pcs and up, the more you order, the lower the price will be. Lead times 5-8 weeks, you’ll get a photo of the first model we create so you can check if everything is the way you like.

PVC / Rubber items

Soft and hard PVC items (usually keychains, but we can also create patches, luggage hangers, bar mats and so on) are available starting at only 100 pcs. There is a lot of detail possible in these flexible material, and in case you need full color printed work, we have an alternative material available.

Sweat Bands

Embroidered sweatbands, usually about 7,5×7,5cm (3×3″), but also available in other sizes (arm bands, head bands). Due to the long pile fabric of the bands we embroider the base color as well for detailed designs. Recommended minimum order quantity 250pcs, nicely packed in a polybag with cardboard in the bands for nicer display.

Dog Tags with Ball Chain

Thick quality dog tags with enamel coloring (or without coloring). Recommended quantity to order is 1000 pcs or up. We first create a drawing of your dog tags, and after approval we create a model of which we sent a picture for approval.

Messenger bags and other bags

We recommend to always look at quantities of 500pcs and over for full colour printed messenger bags, though they are available starting at only 50 pcs Messenger bags are of thick tarpaulin quality and we will always create a sample bag for approval. We can of course create all other types of bags, and it is also possible to screen print or embroider them.

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