Our fabric backdrops are fire resistant, full color printed, either with rings, hooks or tunnels (included in pricing), no limit in size (the Kyuss Lives backdrop displayed is 8x7.5 meters). Our high quality fabrics are printed in full color in widths of 3 meters that are stitched together, which is almost not visible. Fabric backdrops can easily be folded for transport and are washable in a washing machine (low temp). Lead time for backdrops is 2-3 weeks, rush orders take about 5 workdays to produce.

We also carry different kinds of mesh; regular premium mesh is most used, but we also offer open structured sound mesh that is best to mount for speaker walls or stacks. As a third we carry polymesh, a fabric mesh.


Prices for fabric backdrops always include confection (rings, tunnels, etc.):

  • Heavytex 260 grams fire resistant (best quality): € 31,- per square meter
  • Decotex 215 grams fire resistant (most used): € 27,- per square meter
  • Ecotex 135 grams fire resistant (light weight): € 21,- per square meter

Send us your inquiry for large backdrops. Orders/inquiries: e-mail to

Prices for mesh banners also include confection. Inquiries over 100m2 in total; please e-mail us for your pricing.

  • Mesh Premium (best price): € 17,- per square meter
  • Sound Mesh (best for speakers): € 22,- per square meter
  • Polymesh (fabric mesh): € 20,- per square meter

Turnover times are usually 2-3 weeks, if you have less time; be sure to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to us ASAP, we’ll let you know if we can make it (usually over 5 workdays are NO problem, but might require a rush order surcharge).

Product information
Minimum quantity: 1
Regular lead time: 2 to 3 weeks
Rush lead time: 5 workdays
Technical information
Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
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