Hoodies & sweaters

Printed hooded sweaters

Of course, screen printed hoodies and sweaters are one of our specialties. Just as the t-shirts we are capable of printing large numbers of hoodies and sweaters, and do it fast. Once ordered, our experienced drivers can deliver all over Europe. Delivery at venues of festivals is no problem. We know how important merchandise is to you, so it is to us!

It is possible to print up to 12 colors and we can print in simulated as well as indexed full color seperations with a maximum print area of about 14x12", and we can print over seams and zipper.

Special projects

We are very experienced in creating fully custom made apparel, so if you want something special (and your desired quantities are over 300 pcs per style), make sure to reach out to us!

Hoodies & sweaters

We have a large assortment of hooded sweaters, with or without zippers, other sweaters, and also offer the best brands in Fair Trade and organic apparel.

From regular plastisol screen printing to waterbased full colors, foil printing and even completely made to order sweaters with your own label and all over printing, we offer it all.

Embroideries on hooded sweaters

Of course embroideries are also possible. We can use up to 8 colors in embroideries and are able to reach a lot of detail, but of course less than with printing.

Just contact us with your project so we can inform you on our opinion which technique suits your designs best.

Product information
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs recommended
Regular lead time: 3 weeks
Rush lead time: 1 week (contact if shorter)
Technical information
Contact us if you have any questions: info@merchandise.nl or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information