Festival merchandising

We can help you from A to Z with your festival merchandising

We offer full service festival merchandising, including handling your merchandise booths at the event, selling merchandise for your artists up to selling your merch online through your own online store. Of course it is also possible to just let us handle your production.

Over the years we have provided our services to many festivals like Graspop Metal Meeting, Paaspop, Roadburn and Fortarock.

Translating your branding into high class merch

Our festivals usually have their own logo sets and branding already. Our designers translate these designs into products varying from entrance bracelets to complete backstage areas, with of course, the merchandising in the centre.

Festival merchandising

When it comes to festival merchandising and supplies we’re a true one stop shop. We offer anything from entrance bracelets, signing (banners etc), crew clothing, branded furniture for your backstage and VIP area up to (of course) your merchandise.

Most important; your crew and festival gear

Of course we understand that your merchandising is most important and therefore we have the highest focus on creating top notch items that have an impact on your visitors.

Branding is the most valuable aspect of merchandising in almost any case so we take in your input to suggest and select an assortment that fits the DNA of your event and its visitors.

We have already worked with festivals like Graspop, Fortarock, Paaspop, Speedfest, Roadburn, Woohah, Extrema and many others.

Selling artist merch on your festival

We work with experienced tour- and festival merchandisers who are in most cases familiar with the artists, merch companies and tour managers that work with the artists that play your festival.

Contact us if you have any questions: info@merchandise.nl or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information
If you are interested in (some of) our services, feel free to invite us to come and meet you. We're happy to discuss your product to see if we can add value to your event.