Fair trade clothing

Ecological, Organic and Fair Trade clothing

We want to contribute to a better world. Not only do we have a wide range of ecological and organic products, we also focus on fair trade clothing. If you choose fair trade clothing, everyone in the supply chain (starting at the cotton farmer) gets a fair price for his product.

Fair Trade, Fair Wear and Social Responsible brands

We supply fair trade clothing from Neutral, and fair wear clothing from Continental, Earth Positive (organic) and Biosfair (the sustainable clothing line from B & C Collection ). The differences between fair trade, fair wear and social responsible brands are subtle, but still important. Basically, Fair Wear works with brands to help them reach the Fair Trade status. Social Responsible brands live up to the standards that are valid in the countries where they employ people.

Fair trade clothing

When you choose for fair trade clothing, you choose to support developing areas, and you will discover the awesome quality of organic cotton. Fair trade clothing is produced ecologically and socially responsible. It’s durable clothing, very suitable for your merchandise.

Also ethically responsible; completely child labor free!

Our Fair Trade clothing is also ethically responsible, because it is completely child labor free! You can order durable t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies from us. All garments are made from organic cotton.

If you want to know more about products and the philosophy behind Fair Trade clothing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product information
Minimum quantity: 100 pcs recommended
Regular lead time: 3-4 weeks
Rush lead time: 1 week (contact if shorter)
Technical information
Contact us if you have any questions: info@merchandise.nl or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
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