Helps you Pick It!

We have developed a system in-house that gives more control over spending on promotional gifts, promotional items, corporate and promotional clothing.

Wilson helps to keep orders central, to save enormously on production and distribution costs.

Together with you we develop a company-wide range that is subsequently made accessible to your (responsible) employees, customers or prospects (depending on the project)

The 3 main applications for Wilson are:

  • Distribution of own range of promotional gifts and promotional items across various locations
  • Webshop / loyalty program where your customers, employees or prospects can choose their own gift
  • Clothing management system for your employees so they can easily place (repeat) orders for their corporate or promotional clothing

Example case; distribution across multiple locations

If your company consists of multiple locations, it can be very difficult to order promotional gifts for each location.

When everyone orders for their own location, the ordered quantities are often lower (and therefore the costs higher), when it happens centrally the inventory and distribution take up a lot of time.

With Wilson, every branch can order from a stock (which is in our warehouse) in a protected, own ‘webshop’, request re-orders and possibly develop new products.

At first, every request is sent to the responsible person or department at the head office so together we can see what’s the most sensible and advantageous choice, and then the products are added.

We keep track of the costs well organized and every month you receive an overview of the orders per location and the total shipping costs.

That way you can keep the costs under control and you can easily invoice internally if necessary.


Wilson is our versatile loyalty program, developed in collaboration with Radish Concepts, with which we can simplify various processes for our customers:

  • The purchase of promotional items, gifts and the like, and the distribution across all branches of the company for which you work
  • Distributing gifts among customers, employees or prospects; they can choose their own gift and we take care of production & distribution
  • The orders of corporate or promotional clothing for your employees, per person or per location, individually or via a (semi) annual order moment

Interested? Feel free to ask us for a demo!

PS: do you have a company for promotional items and/or work clothing, and are you interested in using Wilson for your organization? Then please contact Radish Concepts.