Custom made t-shirts for YouTube star Jelly
Design and development of custom made t-shirts

With over 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 3 billion (yes, BILLION) views, Jelly is one of the most popular Dutch vloggers and a worldwide celebrity.

We have been designing and developing merchandise for him since 2015, including custom made apparel.

This time Jelly asked us to come up with an idea for an awesome custom made t-shirt, which could be sold in his online Jelly store.

With a full size production, virtually everything is possible for custom made t-shirts; it can be printed all over, liners can be provided with a motif, you can decide for yourself what kind of fabrics and you want, which colors stitching, and so on.

At first we created a few different designs and after we discussed the different ideas and designs together with Jelly and his team we chose one to develop further. We finalized the design, including a custom designed hang tag. At first we made sure to create a few sample t-shirts to see if everything was okay. After that the production of all the t-shirts started.

Besides custom made t-shirts we designed and developed a diverse assortment in products that they sell through their own webstore JellyStore. Amongst their products are school supplies (pencil case, pens and pencils), custom made apparel and many other items.

Custom made t-shirts for YouTube star Jelly

For Youtube celebrity Jelly we have been creating merchandising since 2015.