Graspop Metal Meeting
3D skully figurine

Every year we develop a large number of custom made items for GMM (Graspop Metal Meeting). Ranging from keychains and cycling suits to sleeping bags and sticker sheets.

For the 2019 edition the festival asked us for a figurine of Skully, the mascot of Graspop. This took us roughly 5 months, from idea to delivery.

It all starts with a 3D drawing of the figure that needs to be made. At first a model will be created (made out of clay or with a 3D printer) and then all the details will be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.

And to top it all off, we also provided the packaging with suitable branding.

Graspop Metal Meeting

Custom made figurine (approx. 20 cm) made as a limited edition (500 pieces) for Graspop Metal Meeting.

Creating a figurine like this takes quite some time, so it’s recommended to inquire about the feasibility of such a project well before you need it.

500 pieces is the minimum order, smaller orders are not possible.

We can assist you from start to finish with the product selection, design and development of the full range of products for your festival, exhibition or event.