Stock for free

Stock for free

Secure European warehouse

merch warehouse in europe
Our warehouse

If we created your merch, you can always stock it in our warehouse in between European tours, for absolutely NO charge at all (except the shipping to and from us).

Just arrange for your leftovers to be shipped to us, we’ll count them, send you an overview, and it’ll be there for you when you return to Europe.

Your goods are stocked in our secure facility. In case you have special needs (like your own storage room / double locked facility), it can be arranged.

We don’t just stock merch

It is also possible to send us items you need stocked in Europe that you created yourself; we stock albums and other media for our clients as well.

In case you use stage props that are expensive to fly/ship over for every tour, we can also stock these. We do have a limit in the room we have available of course, so please make sure to contact us with the volume of the items you want to stock so we can see if we have the room. Usually, if it doesn’t take up more than 2 pallet spaces, it’s included in our free service.


Why we offer these services for free

We believe in building relationships with our clients; if we’re correct you need a merch company you can trust, that delivers your goods on time and that the numbers are correct. We’re that company, and we earn our living doing that, just that. It’s just more worth to us that you return to us on your next tour than to charge you a stocking fee per square meter.


Distribution / On Site services

trade fair exhibition wall custom made
exhibition wall for trade fairs

We can handle your distribution (for instance; to stores) and on site services (festivals/fairs) as well; bring stuff to and from festivals/events, set up your booth and fill it, and even supply staff to work with your people if necessary.

We also create complete exhibition booths, tents and presentation walls like the one to the right; custom made powdercoated aluminum with shelves. Of course we can stock these as well for you.

If you require an online store in Europe, read about our web development services.

Interested? Get in touch.

Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
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