We have worked with a lot of booking agencies, FOH’s, merchguys (and gals), tour managers, bus companies and so on over the years. If you’d like for us to arrange staff for your tour it is always possible, but we also give all European companies and freelancers the opportunity to introduce themselves on this website, so you can contact them direct if you prefer.

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Freelance tour merch & merch production manager since 2005
Tour services for band
FOH Engineer
backline rental from vintage to high gain
Soundengineer (FOH) for live shows and Touring!
Well organised, good in both the soft and hard side of the job.
Tour merchandiser, outgoing and responsible with proficient mathematics and vast music knowledge
your partner in crime for swell organised tours
Freelance (tour) merchandiser and photographer.
KAOZ Tourservice offers VAN & BACKLINE service and everything else you might need on tour.
Freelance tour merch and merch production manager
I sell the shit out of your merch!
Tour Manager
Full merchandise service, Backline Tech and/or TM.
Van & Backline rental with rehearsal rooms & studio
I'm your merch girl extraordinaire. I sell your stuff, to your people, at your prices.
Backline rental service
Hard working but easy to work with. I got you covered at the table.
Specialist in event productions & tour support
8 pers. tourvan rental, driver incl. with technical knowhow
TM, assistant TM, merch, photographer, advancing, budgeting,...
Freelance tour manager & merchandise manager since 2002
Been there and anywhere,and did it.And still doing it.
Experienced front of house and monitor engineer.
Skilled tour & production manager
Merchandise managing and on-the-road tour promotion
Rock'n'roll Orientated Booking Agency
Nightliners, Band-bus, Crew-bus, Sleeper-coach, backline hire, backline storage,
Find professional road crew for free, quickly and easily.
Professionals in artistmanagement, tourbooking and publishing
Full European tourservice!
Mercedes Sprinter: 65 euros per day!
We are a booking & management company
being mom, on tour and in the kitchen
An experienced backline and guitar technician with deep knowledge and international touring experience.
Tour service / Tour bus for indy or support bands!
tourvans rental, gear rental and tech teams
Allround freelance fixer and tourmanager: affordable, flexible, experienced
Van rental with driver/humper/merchandiser
Professionals in artist production, production management, tour management and artist handling
Professional soundtech and stagemanager, and I have a studio
Tourmanagement, Lights, Sound and Backline Crew
Providing full tour service in Europe. Reliable vans, solid tour managing.