T-shirt rush order and other rush orders

Are you on tour and did you run out of merchandise? Just contact us to check what the possibilities are for rush orders delivered within Europe.

You can contact us by phone (+31 497 64 51 01) or e-mail (info@merchandise.nl) on workdays from 8.30 to 17.00, and we will let you know what’s possible as soon as possible.

Possibilities for urgent delivery of merchandise depends on the product, but we can deliver backdrops and printed T-shirts very fast. For example, we once delivered 4800 T-shirts to Milan within 3 days.

Just bear in mind that rush orders involve an urgency fee and courier costs. To make these costs affordable, it’s important to order enough items. Rush orders for less then 250 T-shirts should be avoided because of the extra costs.

Important; it’s best to contact us with complete information including design if possible so we can work fast. Total quantity, breakdown in sizes, it all helps.


T-shirt rush order and other rush orders

Being in the merchandise business since 2003, we know that (T-shirt) rush orders are important to our customers. Sometimes, they run out of stock sooner then expected. Other times, the guitar player forgot to order shirts, so the drummer needs to arrange some quickly and a new T-shirt rush order is born. It’s part of the business, so we receive this kind of enquiries on daily base.

Off course, we would like to help out all our customers as much as possible, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Order more, not less 

When contacted for a T-shirt rush order (printed T-shirts are most common), a phrase we hear a lot is ‘we only need 50 T-shirts’. Of course, this saves a bit of production time, but this also means you can only split the extra costs over those 50 T-shirts. The extra costs are calculated over several factors (overtime, transport costs etc), you’ll get a clear quote through mail after we receive your inquiry.

Most of the times, the order needs to be delivered to a venue quickly. Usually we use a commercial driver to get them there on time. Price runs over 1 euro per km. When they should be delivered to a venue in Paris for example, courier costs will be around 500 euro. If you can split this cost over 1000 T-shirts, it’s only € 0,50/piece extra.

How fast can we do a T-shirt rush order and other rush orders?

We don’t have a fixed time for rush orders, because it depends on our day to day schedule of production, but we can work very fast.

We once managed to deliver 400 printed T-shirts within the Netherlands in 24 hours. Another time, we delivered 4800 printed T-shirts (6 different designs) in Milan in 3 working days.

Backdrops can be ready in 1-2 days. Our other items like pins and patches are produced in China, so 3-4 weeks is the fastest we can do for this.

A lot depends on how busy production is, so it’s important to contact us and check what’s possible for your order. You can reach us by phone (+31 (0)497 64 51 01) or e-mail (info@merchandise.nl) on work days from 8.30 to 17.00.

An overview of production & delivery times per item group can be found in the ‘downloads’ section on this page.

Save costs, plan on time

Even though we’re happy to help you with your rush order, it’s off course better to prevent this and save out stress and time.

Are you planning a tour in Europe soon and in need of merchandise? Just contact us to check what’s possible for your upcoming tourmerchandise.

Overview of delivery times

Overview of delivery times

Contact us if you have any questions: info@merchandise.nl or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information

Delivery time of rush orders depends on the items you would like to order.

Delivery time for printed T-shirts starts at 24 hours, depending on delivery location and our current production schedule.

Order enough items to compensate for extra costs, like urgency fee and courier costs.