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We are conveniently located about 1.5 hrs from Amsterdam and Cologne; Eindhoven and Tilburg are about 30 minutes, Antwerp is 45. You are always welcome to visit us, but please call in advance (+31 497 555 320).

Our address:
Raambrug 36
5531 AG Bladel
The Netherlands

Phone : +31 (0)497 – 555 320

Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven: 66138329
VAT NR: NL8564.11.176.B01


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Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 555 320.
Additional information

Our company has been around since 2003 and has become one of the larger Merch companies in Europe.

We supply numerous festivals, bands and brands and offer anything from a single production to complete full service solutions with e-commerce fulfillment.

Feel free to ask our clients about their experiences with your company; over 75% of our clients order on a regular basis and we serve over 2500 clients worldwide.