Custom made clothing

We can design, create en produce fully custom made apparel. It's possible to make your company clothing completely according to your corporate identity. But we can also produce your brand of clothes or clothing line with your own label and hangtag, or create a specific item according to your wishes.

Starting at 300pcs for t-shirts (per style/color), sweatshirts, poloshirts, jackets and so on, almost anything is possible. Together we determine your wishes and demands so we can provide you with a price quotation.

Our production facilities are GOTS certified and 100% child labor free. 100% Ecological (environment friendly) materials are available as well.

Custom made clothing

As always with custom made; the possibilities are endless, but details are needed to provide quotes and calculate lead times. If you have an inquiry, please try to inform us as clear as possible (if possible, attach drawings, pictures) on what you’re looking for. Of course, if you need help with your designs, just let us know.

Lead times custom made apparel, step by step

Lead times vary from rush orders in 4-6 weeks to full step-by-step productions that take 10-12 weeks and include samples, correction runs and so on.

Usually we start with your idea or design, as detailed as possible. We’ll first quote you on the desired quantity, for which we usually need around 2 days. After that we create a first sample for review. When we agreed on the sample, it’s on to the complete run. After a final check the goods will be delivered.

We recommend taking the time to create your custom made apparel. If possible, it is always best to first visit our showroom to really see and feel what we can create to get inspired.

Product information
Minimum quantity: 300 pcs per item
Regular lead time: 10-14 weeks
Rush lead time: 8-10 weeks
Technical information
Either send us your designs as detailed as possible (including fabrics, fabric weights etc) or have us help you out by deciding on specs.
Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information
Private Label garments are amongst our specialties, but we do not accept any 'real' rush orders for first productions. It is essential to create first samples to confirm model, design and fabrics.