Metal Pins

Metal pins in any shape, size and quantity

We have been creating enamel pins since 2003 and work with stable, social responsible companies in the Far East. Any shape, size or quantity is possible, even though we recommend to order at least 100 pcs for standard pins, and 1000 or more for special editions like 3D pins

Not just pins, keychains, cuff links and tie bars are also possible

Basically, if you require a metal made product that you have seen somewhere sometime, we can deliver it. Just contact us with your request and you'll get a detailed reply with a quote. It's easiest if you also send us the design you want to use so we can advise in type of pin etcetera.

Metal Pins

Our company is pretty well known for metal pins; we do not only create these for bands, but also for Embassy’s all over the world, and we are even the official vendor for the United Nations when it comes to metal pins.

Since we have been working with the same factories for over 10 years we can really create anything Metal (pun intended) and are able to assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to colors, quantity, type and so on.

Enamel, blank metal, full color printed?

Your metal pins can be made with or without color, in hard or soft enamel (hard is the luxury version with ceramic ‘burnt’ colors, soft is bright colored in Pantones), even in 3D, though we recommend quantities to be 600-1000 pcs for a full 3D pin.

Any kind of closing is possible

Standard attachments are the well known ‘butterfly clutch’ or the stick pin, but there are many more choices. Safety pins, magnets, tie tacks, tie bars, even cuff links are possible.

As stated before; if you need a metal made accessory, just let us know what you are looking for, we can deliver it.

And of course keychains are also possible. In case you would like to combine several attachments in one order ask us upfront if it is possible, sometimes an additional mold must be made.

Choose your packaging for metal pins

Normally pins are delivered in a per piece polybag packing, but there are many more options;

  • We carry several gift boxes (from standard to luxury boxes)
  • Your pins can be mounted on cards or cardboard
  • The cards can be printed and be delivered ready for retail
Product information
Minimum quantity: 100
Regular lead time: 6-8 weeks
Rush lead time: 3-5 weeks
Technical information
Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information
Beware; we can only do rush orders (1-2 weeks delivery) for full color printed pins and button badges.