Tour merchandising

Of course tour merchandising is one of our main activities. We're fast and good at textile printing and deliver all over Europe. Regular deliveries take 2-3 weeks, rush orders are delivered within one week (if our capacity isn't filled).

We carry all main brands of apparel and can also create special products like pins, patches and (custom made) caps. Please allow a longer delivery date for all special products.

Planning ahead offers more options!

We recommend to plan well ahead of your tour and suggest to start the preparations of your merchandising about 3 months before touring when anything special is needed.

Did you know we also supply backdrops, stage scrims, backstage passes and photo passes? See the tour resources section for more information.

Tour merchandising

We’ve been doing tour merch since 2004 and are pretty experienced in how to handle European tours. If you contact us well ahead we’ll create a planning together so we are sure never to deliver more than you can carry along in your nightliner and/or trailer.

Our recommendation is always to produce enough merch before the tour for restocking if you expect to be able to sell more than you are able to carry at once.

Of course we will be able to do rush productions during the tour, but it is better to prevent this; it might run you up in additional costs and usually our production is simply filled for a few days up to two weeks in our busy periods.

Sell off your leftover tour merchandising through a (EU) webstore

We offer full service e-commerce fulfillment as well, so in case you have any leftovers it is possible to open up your dedicated online store, either just for European clients or worldwide.

Read more about our e-commerce services or visit our store platform on

Staff for your tour in Europe

Over the years we have worked with several European tour managers, merch people, roadies, FoH’s etc. In case you are in need of tour staff, just let us know and we’ll set you up with people who are experienced and well worth their money.

Tour merchandising assortment; we really carry everything

Metal pins, poster flags, custom made caps, cuddly toys to fully custom made apparel, you simply can’t imagine products we can’t supply.

Only real important note is that we need more time for any specialty products. See the download section on this page to download a document that specifies estimated lead times for several different groups of products.

Of course we are fast with regular productions of screen printed garments etc, so don’t worry if you’re a bit late contacting us the first time.

In general: If possible we prefer files .eps .pdf or .ai in vector, text in outlines.
Pixel files (jpg / tiff etc): minimum requirement 100 DPI in true size (or more DPI on a scaled down image)
In doubt: just send us your files, we'll always give advice and are very experienced in handling several file types.
Contact us if you have any questions: or +31(0)497 64 51 01.
Additional information

In case you require multiple deliveries during the tour, always send us your tour itinerary so we can plan together which dates are most feasible for deliveries.

For lead times on various products, download the file right below this box.