Sean Dalton

Sean Dalton

Sean is a very hard working young man with over 10 years of experience in the music industry through various forms, be it working for the largest and number 1 musical retailer in South Africa as the shop guitar specialist for numerous years, to hitting the road in South Africa, Europe and the UK with international progressive rock gods, Wishbone Ash, as sole backline technician as well as guitar technician for the tours. Sean is keen and always excited to set off on the road and work as hard as possible to make the program run as smoothly as possible.

Skills include:

-Guitar and bass guitar set-ups, maintenance
and restrings ranging from standard fixed
bridges to full floating tremolo bridges.
-Backline servicing and maintenence.
-Stage set-ups, management and coordination.
-Drum kit setting and maintenance.
-An understanding of live sound in order to
assist sound engineers wherever possible.
-Electronics skills ranging from soldering to
extensive pedal knowledge and maintenance
and repair of guitar electronics systems.
-Excellent people-skills, great at working with
people of all kinds from all over the world.

Sean does not partake heavily in alcohol, and neither does he partake in drug abuse.

If you need a hard-working, good spirited and easy to work with backline technician for your tour, local shows or even general maintenance, Sean is your go to technician.

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