Jeroen Sanders / Jay Holland

Jeroen Sanders / Jay Holland

-Ignite driver
-Right Direction (supporting Slapshot) driver
-Death Threat driver
-Eighteen Visions/Throwdown driver
-Born From Pain (Resistance Tour ’02 w/ Biohazard, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Discipline, All Boro Kings) driver

-Blood For Blood driver
-Inhuman driver/tour manager
-Pistol Grip (supporting Dropkick Murphys) driver/tour manager
-Kings Of Nuthin’ driver/tour manager
-Youth Of Today driver/tour manager
-Integrity driver/tour manager
-Vision driver/tour manager

-Rag Men driver/tour manager
-The AKAs (supporting Less Than Jake, Heideroosjes, Yellowcard) driver/tour manager
-Street Dogs driver/tour manager
-Discipline driver/tour manager
-Over My Dead Body driver/tour manager
-Street Dogs & The Briggs (supporting Flogging Molly) tour manager/merchandiser
-As I Lay Dying driver/tour manager
-Throwdown (supporting Lamb Of God & As I Lay Dying) driver/tour manager

-Street Dogs (US, supporting Social Distortion & Backyard Babies) merchandiser
-Street Dogs (supporting Millencolin & The Lawrence Arms) tour manager/merchandiser
-The Atomic Bitchwax driver/tour manager
-Amen driver/tour manager
-As I Lay Dying (Hell On Earth tour w/ Heaven Shall Burn, Evergreen Terrace, Agents Of Man, End Of Days & Neaera) driver/tour manager
-Since The Flood (supporting Madball & Sworn Enemy) driver/tour manager
-Street Dogs driver/tour manager

-Terror, Blacklisted & Donnybrook! tour manager
-The Atomic Bitchwax driver/tour manager
-Fear Factory (supported by Misery Index) merchandiser
-Young People driver/tour manager
-Strapping Young Lad merchandiser
-Most Precious Blood, Ringworm & Damnation AD tour manager
-Fear Factory merchandiser
-Discipline driver/tour manager
-Agents Of Man driver/tour manager
-FVK/Cro-Mags tour manager/merchandiser

-The Chariot, Becoming The Archetype & Shaped By Fate tour manager
-Merauder & Enemy Ground driver/tour manager
-Street Dogs, Dead To Me & Twopointeight tour manager
-Type O Negative (2x) merchandiser
-Cold As Life, H8 Inc. & Human Demise driver/tour manager
-Gorgoroth, Enthroned & Tyrant tour manager
-Shining, Hellsaw & Skitliv tour manager

-Asrai driver/tour manager
-Chimaira, Maroon, The Sorrow & Dead Shape Figure tour manager
-Samael, Gothminister, Sybreed & Ayin Aleph tour manager
-Hate Eternal, Cephalic Carnage & Skeletonwitch tour manager
-Bleeding Through & Throwdown tour manager
-Ice Cube merchandiser
-Merauder driver/tour manager
-As I Lay Dying (supporting Killswitch Engage) merchandiser
-Skarhead & Danny Diablo driver/merchandiser
-As I Lay Dying & Story Of The Year (Rockstar Taste Of Chaos tour w/ Atreyu, MUCC & Horse The Band) merchandiser
-Gorgoroth, Averse Sefira, Artisian & Zebadiah Crowe tour manager
-Discipline driver/tour manager

-The Ocean/Burst, Bison BC & Medeia tour manager
-Thrash & Burn European Tour w/ Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour, Beneath The Massacre, Carnifex, War From A Harlots Mouth, Arsonists Get All The Girls & Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky tour manager
-Discipline, Stigma & Wisdom In Chains (US tour) merchandiser
-Down merchandiser
-Summer Seek And Destroy w/ Misery Index, Hate Eternal, Beneath The Massacre & Psycroptic tour manager
-Discipline driver/merchandiser/tour manager
-Absu, Pantheon I, Razor Of Occam & Zoroaster tour manager
-Dizzee Rascal merchandiser
-Satyricon (w/ Shining, Dark Fortress & Posthum) merchandiser

-Bonecrusher fest w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches Of Blood, Necrophobic, Carnifex, The Faceless, Obscura & Ingested tour manager
-Dizzee Rascal merchandiser
-Suffocation, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Nervecell, Fleshgod Apocalypse & Burning The Masses tour manager
-Thrash & Burn European tour 2 w/ Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Origin & Revocation tour manager
-Bleeding Through tour manager
-Summer Seek And Destroy 2 w/ Dying Fetus, Suffocation & Origin tour manager
-Cephalic Carnage, Psycroptic, Ion Dissonance, Hour Of Penance & Dyscarnate tour manager
-Misery Index, Grave, Arsis, The Last Felony & The Rotted tour manager
-Sick Of It All (Persistence tour 2010 w/ DRI, Blood For Blood, Unearth, Evergreen Terrace, Cruel Hand, Casey Jones & Vera Cruz) merchandiser

-Darkest Hour, Protest The Hero, Born Of Osirus & Purified In Blood tour manager/merchandiser
-Bonecrusher fest 2 w/ Dying Fetus, Keep Of Kalessin, Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Burning The Masses & Angelus Apatrida tour manager
-Sick Of It All merchandiser

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