Claudia Hek

Thick lines and lovely ladies, that’s what Dutch autodidact artist Claudia Hek, age 35, is all about. Inspired by Pop Art, oldschool tattoo imagery and 40’s & 50’s pin-ups Claudia Hek’s work reflects her view of beauty that sends a bright spark into the world.
Using bright colors and primarily women’s figures in all manner of professions (pirate wench to gun-slinging bandit), Claudia had created a new vision of these timeless subjects by evoking the raw modern passion of a bygone era in her paintings. Not only is Claudia a talented painter, but she is a prolific poster designer for bands worldwide. She also creates logos and stickers, t-shirts designs for bands, clothing labels and burlesque starlettes all around the world and has her own line of T-shirts that she sells in various shops and through her website.

I was born on the rustic island Terschelling. I never really fitted in there, dropped out of school on an early age and then decided to move to Amsterdam.
There I got introduced to the rock & roll scene by working in bars and playing in bands.
This also was my introduction to graphic design since I’d always been drawing and painting, but mainly realistic portraiture and women’s figures.
But through making posters for shows my work got more graphic using thick outlines.
I’ve now been working on a freelance base for the last 9 years and had exhibitions worldwide and my work is well known in the underground scene.
I’ve now been living in Amsterdam for the last 17 years.
Never been a 9-5 studio type of person so I work at home where I love to shut myself off from the world like a medieval monk just working on my art.