NGM International
Gadgets & Giveaways

NGM International is a food manufacturer that has Africa as its main market. They sell their goods under three different brands, and constantly use gifts & gadgets for branding, brand recognition and sales support.

We continuously develop items for NGM based on the brands, with the main characteristic that they must be usable in areas where there are fewer facilities than we are used to in the West.

Many of the items that we develop fit within a ‘standard’ consumer goods strategy; shopping bags, pens, aprons, etc. In addition, we regularly come up with unique promotions to make extra impact.

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“Think back 20 years in time”

The special feature of this customer is that the users of the products live in Africa, and therefore have much less access to electricity, internet and other things that are very common for us.

The briefings also revealed that game-, music- and consumer items are highly desirable. We therefore developed, among other things, our own board game to play checkers, drum sticks that can be used in combination with food packaging (pots, cans and buckets), and a whole series of other items.

Since custom-made items are among our specialties, we can literally make everything you can imagine. Depending on the items you are looking for, we determine the quantities, delivery time and price for you and if everything is to your liking we can get started!

Products and services used in this case:

NGM International

The employees of NGM International are located at different locations around the world. They therefore preferred an online presentation of our design proposal to be able to view it easily anywhere at a time of their choice.

We have, of course, worked out our proposal in an extensive PDF and made a supporting video slideshow for the presentation.