If you're in the Music Industry and active on the European market, we're the best strategic partner for merchandising and promotion. Try us.

We're great at METAL.

Metal items are one of our specialties; keychains, belt buckles, flasks, pins, necklaces, and even rings. Recommended quantities usually 1000 and up, but if you need less, just ask.

Buttons? We're master.

We don't just create buttons, we also sell (a lot of) machines and components in our button machine online store. Any size, any quantity, any packaging, we can do it.

Custom Made Apparel

Sure we do regular shirts, sweats and such, but we're also great at fully custom made apparel. Own sizes, own design, own label, starting at just 250 pcs for tees, 500 pcs for sweats etc.

Fabric backdrops, any size

Our backdrops are known all over the world; we create very detailed fabric backdrops in any size, and can dress up your stage (or venue, or event) from top to bottom.

Woven & stitched patches

We're one of the largest creators of patches in the Netherlands. Woven, stitched, screenprinted or even full color, it's all possible. Recommended quantities 500pcs and up.

We create anything. Try us.

We really did some exceptional stuff in the past; cuddly toys, wooden items, bling bling items, even powder coated aluminum exhibitions stands. Send us your plans.